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Centre 4 Inspiration – A Psychology & Wellness Centre in Caulfield

We are an integrated Psychology & Wellbeing Centre, offering services within the psychological fields. We work with adolescents and adults using solution-orientated Positive Psychology and Mindfulness theories to build strengths, strategies and tools to enable better health and wellbeing. Our Centre and practitioners operate from a conscious compassionate point of view with all our clients. We work holistically as a team when required. We believe in providing a safe, welcoming environment where you can feel at home and comfortable engaging in any of the therapies, classes, workshops or events that you attend. If you arrive early, we are happy for you to take advantage of the peaceful and calm environment to relax and have a cup of tea.

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About Centre 4 Inspiration

An Inspirational approach to assist you to achieve optimum health and wellbeing

The Centre 4 Inspiration is the brainchild of Elise Wald. Elise believes that every person is capable of learning how to be more compassionate towards self and to thrive. Elise embraces living mindfully wholeheartedly and the centre offers a peaceful haven in an ever increasingly busy and challenging world. Elise is passionate about all who work from the centre providing a nurturing space for our clients to explore their concerns in a more conscious , mindful and practical way. If you are looking for a client centered approach that works with strengths and in a collaborative manner then you have found the right place. You will find that all the practitioners who choose to work at the centre are client focused and adopt a mindful and collaborative approach to all interactions and use a mix of therapies to assist you.